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PharmTechX Certificate II: Excellence in Health-System Pharmacy (SEGMENT E)

Credit Hours: 4.5  |   Fee: $190.00

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Certificate II: Excellence in Health-System Pharmacy takes an in-depth look into the different disease states, including asthma in pediatric patients, cardiology, oncology, pain management, and infectious disease, that commonly result in hospital admissions and the different classes of medications that they will encounter when caring for these patients. Technicians will learn the basic pharmacology and mechanism of action of these medications and utilizing the skills learned in Certificate I, gather the pertinent laboratory values needed in order for the pharmacist to appropriately monitor these medications. Technicians will apply the principles of project management from Certificate I to the implementation of new pharmacy automation as well as the development of the associated policies and procedures

PharmTechX Certificate II: Excellence in Health-System Pharmacy

Three-part Registration

Contact Hours: 4.5

Fee: $190.00

Courses in Segment E include:
    • Advances in Drug Management and Distribution

To enroll in Segment E of the three-part registration, click 'Add to Cart' below. The PharmTechX Certificate I: Leadership & Patient Care certificate is required for all learners. To enroll in the first certificate, click on the links below.
Certificate Program Learning Objectives
After completing this certificate, the pharmacy technician should be able to:
    1. Complete advanced calculations related to TPN, oncology, pediatric and neonatal dosing, and continuous drips;
    2. Given a patient specific problem, correctly perform calculations for infusions including cardiac drips and pediatric IV fluids;
    3. Identify red flags related to medications used for the treatment of pain, infectious diseases, cancer, and common cardiac conditions;
    4. Given a patient case, identify pertinent lab tests needed for monitoring cardiovascular, chemotherapy, and electrolyte treatments;
    5. Demonstrate an understanding of therapeutics related to asthma, common infections, oncology, and cardiology;
    6. Develop a plan to handle medication shortages;
    7. Develop a plan to convert appropriate anti-infectives from IV to po;
    8. Critically evaluate the use, benefits, and risks of technology along the medication use process;
    9. Applying the principles of project management, implement and monitor technology commonly used in institutional settings; and
    10. Compare and contrast peripheral versus central IV lines.

UAN Number:0025-0000-17-325-H04-T

Expiration Date: 5/1/2020

Three Certificates Add Value

Health system leaders have identified a need for better prepared pharmacy technicians to respond to opportunities in the changing health care environment. The PharmTechX Program at the University of Maryland School of Pharmacy is comprised of three practice-based certificate training programs designed to prepare experienced, highly-qualified pharmacy technicians for advanced clinical practice and leadership roles within their organizations.

The program’s flexible design allows licensed pharmacy technicians to learn at their own pace and customize training to meet their career goals in health system or community pharmacy. Students can earn up to three continuing education certificates.

    • PharmTechX Certificate I: Leadership & Patient Care (19.5 contact hours)
    • PharmTechX Certificate II: Excellence in Health-System Pharmacy (18.5 Contact Hours)
    • PharmTechX Certificate III: Community Pharmacy Pratice and Management

The Leadership & Patient Care certificate is required for all learners. All three programs are practice-based, online training programs designed to help licensed pharmacy technicians advance their knowledge and capabilities for leadership in community and hospital system pharmacies.

Taught by experienced pharmacy practitioners and educators from the University of Maryland School of Pharmacy, MedStar Health, Johns Hopkins Hospital, and the University of Maryland Medical System, the PharmTechX Program is designed to be directly applicable to authentic practice settings.

Learning Format
Courses are available online at Students can access their classroom at any time and any place from mobile devices. Highly interactive educational formats provide learners with experience in a wide range of case studies and hands-on practical lessons.

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Contact: [email protected]

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