SOAPP: Strategic Opportunities for Advancing Pharmacy Practice

October 06, 2011

Magaly Rodriguez de Bittner, PharmD, CDE, Executive Director CIPS

SOAPP: Strategic Opportunities for Advancing Pharmacy Practice is both the purpose and title for the inaugural blog of the Knowledge Enterprise Portal.

You may ask, how does a SOAP note relate to advancing pharmacy practice?

The SOAP Note is a key form of communication between pharmacists and other practitioners. SOAP articulates
"S" subjective observations and perceptions which are fortified by
"O" objective data and evidence.
"A" assessment offers a differential diagnosis by the pharmacist. And finally the provider offers a
"P" plan of action, a care plan to address the needs of the patient.

On June 9th, the National Leadership Roundtable brought together 125 stakeholders and pharmacy experts to examine the challenges and opportunities to pharmacists' full participation in the system of care evolving from health care reform. Today the Knowledge Enterprise Portal offers you the resources and results from this provocative dialogue.

In reflecting on the National Leadership Roundtable, we have found remarkable parallels to the SOAP note process.

"S" Health officials, practitioners, academicians, payers, employers, policy makers and patients shared their Subjective Assessment of the status of pharmacy practice in the reforming systems of care. Discussion about the perceived strengths and weaknesses of innovative pharmacy practice models emerged.

"O" Objective data and scientific clinical and economic evidence about the effectiveness of pharmacy-delivered services such as medication therapy management (MTM) and Comprehensive Medication Management CMM) were shared. Data about the value pharmacists bring to chronic disease and savings through MTM and CMM were also documented. Results are shared in the resources section of this portal.

"A" Expert panels at the National Leadership Roundtable provided an Assessment - their differential diagnosis of what problems or challenges are ahead of the pharmacy profession as we seek integrated, sustainable compensation and service models into the standard of care, especially for patients with high medication utilization due to multiple conditions and chronic diseases. Special emphasis was given to the integration of pharmacists into new systems under health care reform.

"P" Valuable input provided by speakers and participants at the National Leadership Roundtable created the blueprint for an action Plan. New evidence is added to the CIPS Knowledge Enterprise each week. You may ask, how do SOAP Notes related to advancing pharmacy practice? CIPS invites you to provide input, contribute materials and evidence, as it continues to pursue a plan of action at the state, national and program level.

"P" Pharmacists are the final ingredient needed for the success of the National Leadership Roundtable action plan. We need you, the Pharmacist, to seize the opportunity and take advantage of the change taking place in health care.

In summary, I hope you will be a regular reader of our SOAPP Notes Blog.

To find out more about how to advance pharmacy practice, click on the link for CIPS Resources, then National Leadership Roundtable Framework and Summary. Our expert panels of pharmacists and stakeholders from around the country have shared their slides and abstracts for your consideration. We thank each of them for their dedication.


Magaly Rodriguez de Bittner

Magaly Rodriguez de Bittner, PharmD, CDE, Executive Director CIPS